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Fixing WiFi on PIPO M9 Pro tablet

Ever since I received my PIPO M9 Pro tablet, I’ve been experiencing WiFi issues. Every 5-10 minutes, the tablet would simply lose its WiFi connection. Usually it took a few minutes before it would reconnect. No need to say this was very frustrating when doing anything that involves the network connection.

I’ve come across various forums (FreakTabArcTablet and Tablette-Chinoise) full of people complaining about the same issues. The problem seems to be caused by bad placement and bad insulation of the internal WiFi antenna.

Various solutions were proposed:

  • Removing the grounding wire that touches the WiFi antenna and its wire
  • Replacing the grounding wire and the WiFi antenna’s wire by (better) shielded wires, using wires from old USB cables (involves soldering)
  • Isolating the WiFi antenna and its wire by using insulating tape

 I’m not very experienced with soldering and I didn’t really like removing ground wires (they’re there for a reason, right?), so I went for the last method. 

I found a very good instruction video from someone who successfully tried this last method:

Pipo M9Pro Wifi Fix

How I managed to fix my sh*tty wifi without desoldering the wires. Please read the instructions on the lower right part of the screen. Make sure the tablet is off. This method has helped a lot of people, hope it helps you as well 🙂 My Pipo was already fixed using this method so it’s not a “from scratch” video.

So I carefully opened my tablet using guitar plectra to put between the screen and the back case. The guy in the video does it with plastic cards, but I couldn’t find anything like that. The WiFi antenna turns out to be the black plastic thing glued to the case at the top right. I carefully unglued it by using a screwdriver and I cutted some pieces of cardboard to put underneath the antenna. I then stabilized these pieces of cardboard with some insulation tape, glued the antenna on it and covered the antenna and its wire with a few more layers of insulating tape.

IMG_20131220_221606  IMG_20131220_221613Messenger_5819911397294821597_13875750058707881










After wrapping it all back together, I rebooted the tablet and the WiFi connection now seems to be much more stable. No more disconnects and usually more than 50Mbps where I had like 10Mbps before. I can’t believe these tablets are sold with such a design failure. I guess that’s what you get when buying cheap chinese electronics, right? 😉